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Advisory For 6 KYC Attributes

Advisory For 6 KYC Attributes

Advisory – KYC Compliance 

• All investors are requested to take note that 6 KYC attributes i.e. Name, PAN, Address,  Mobile Number, Email id and Income Range have been made mandatory. Investors availing custodian services will be additionally required to update the custodian details. 

• Investors may contact their respective stockbrokers / depository participants for updation  of details in their trading / demat account. 

• The last date to update KYC is on or before March 31,2022

• Thereafter non-compliant trading accounts will be blocked for trading by the Exchange. 

• The non-compliant demat accounts will be frozen for debits by Depository Participant or  Depository. 

• On submission of the necessary information to the stockbroker and updation of the same  by the stockbroker in the Exchange systems and approval by the Exchange, the blocked  trading accounts shall be unblocked by the Exchange on T+1 trading day. 

• The demat account shall be unfreezed once the investor submits the deficient KYC details  and the same is captured by the depository participant in the depository system. 

• To ensure smooth settlement, the investors are requested to ensure that both the trading and  demat accounts are compliant with respect to the KYC requirement. 

• The investors are hereby requested to comply with the regulatory guidelines issued by  Exchanges and Depositories from time to time with regard to KYC compliance and related requirements.